Thursday, March 4, 2010

3 Violins

Painting on these beautiful instruments is intimidating and exhilarating!
The violin "Lady White Snake" was painted and auctioned off to raise funds for the Pittsburgh Youth Symphony's trip to China!
The "Iron Maiden" violin was painted and auctioned off the raise funds for the Washington County Symphony Orchestra. As was the 3rd violin titled: "Audience of Angels".


  1. Eileen, These violins are beautiful! Do you get them unfinished or are they already stained and varnished when you get them? What type of paint do you use . . . essentially, what's your process?

  2. I love love love these violins!!! Quenton says he wants to play the violin in band next year, hehe!

  3. Thanks Jimmie Lee!Crazy Quenton!!!!You would have my sympathies for the raw screeching sounds the are the typical beginners sounds on the violin. Imaging how poor Toby would react?!? Do they have earplugs for dogs?

  4. I was just looking back at these and thinking about how beautiful they truly are... Can't wait for the mandolin and bass!!